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Hello Leanne, ask and you shall receive!

there is a fall conference in CT for those interested in Positive Discipline:

thank you for your kind words and this critical need to look at restorative and healing-informed care!!!  peace to you and for each of us!

Hello, how wonderful!  I hope you will stay in touch and let us know how you are doing and if we can help!

Hello Charlotte, woohoo for our common interest with PD!  Absolutely, we have partners in both medical and education sectors!  We just did a full training with a regional low-cost clinic, Salud Para La Gente, for their staff and are collaborating with them on Shared Medical Visits to parents of babies on developmental milestones and PD support.  This is just one example though we have trained with Stanford Hospital, Valley Medical Center Pediatrics, and Healthier Kids Foundation just to name a few...  

And, we are super excited about the upcoming schoolyear where we will return and begin new work with over a dozen partners that implement PD on the whole campus and in the classroom.  They range from daycare and preschools right up to high school aged students, and we have the buy-in of administrators and teachers.  We also work with the County Office of Education and New Teacher Center to create whole systems impact with education leaders.

Thanks and feel free to to our website and sign up for our monthly newsletter featuring tips and programs!