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We were first introduced to Carla in October 2018. At that time, my mother's cat, Vinnie was losing weight rapidly. With CKD, his weight had gone down to 4.4kg. Being a Norwegian Forest he was just over 6.5kg at his peak. My mum also had difficulty waking him. Vinnie was having stupors when he slept.

I'd read up about sub-cutaneous fluids and the benefits for cats with CKD. Having battled with the veterinary practice who were reluctant to start fluids, my mother transferred to another veterinary practice, where they immediately recommended Carla. Once Vinnie were to start sub-c fluids, he'd need them on a regular basis.

My mother has a walking disability and unable to take Vinnie to the vets every week for his fluids. in addition, there was the stress factor to consider for Vinnie (even if my mother could take him). Mum's 79 and not confident in administering the fluids to Vinnie in case she hurts him or does something wrong.

Carla has been amazing, visiting my mum's house to administer fluids. She's even been on Boxing Day. How is that for dedication and service! Carla works on strict instruction from the vet.

Brilliant news. Vinnie is 21 today, he still weighs over 4kg. Carla now visits twice a week to administer his fluids. Stupors are a thing of the past since Vinnie started having fluids. Without the fluids and Carla administering the treatment, I don't expect Vinnie would be alive today. Average age for a Norwegian Forest: 15. Vinnie's smashed that by 6 years!

Carla is a credit to the profession, works unsocial and long hours. No visit is too much trouble. Dedicated to the core, she deserves recognition and support for all the animals she's treated, many of which wouldn't be alive today without the service she provides