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Noelle commented on TILE

Great approach to allow real, authentic conversations. Many times business professionals pass up on mentorship opportunities because there is a set strict time commitment where this allows more flexibility and put it upon the students to continue the conversation. All the best! Noelle


Noelle commented on Morning mile

Love the commitment to keeping our kids moving-- I think my company may need to do this as well so we can become "Awesome in the AM"!

Few thoughts on your website:
-integrate video testimonials
-think of leveraging infographics for stats
-allow for expand or collapse feature for state listings of programs

All the best!


Noelle commented on Wavve

Wavve team-- this is a very exciting platform to support peers and innovative youth such as yourselves. For you to create a space where you can help foster collaboration, encouragement, and drive overall awareness of ideas shows that you truly care about finding solutions for a better future for all. I hope companies are jumping at the chance to get involved. I know you all have made me re-think how I can better serve as a mentor and support system as a business professional who has applicable experience to share with others.