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Natalie commented on Boutik Sante (Community Health Store)

Hi Rachael Cox ! Thank you for your thoughtful comment--lovely to connect. We anticipate that Boutik Sante will be self-sustaining (with all revenue generated from earned income) by 2021. It's a tricky balance to walk, and as far as we know, no other social franchising for health initiative has ever been able to be financially sustainable while simultaneously achieving strong health outcomes. (i.e. they opt to sell health products that have a high profit margin but low health impact in order to be self-sustaining OR they need to generate revenue elsewhere--grants--in order to sell high health impact products that often have a low profit margin). Part of what makes our model successful--and another innovative aspect--is that we're leveraging the existing infrastructure and network of our microfinance institution, rather than trying to establish something new. Anyway, we are eager to connect with and learn from others doing similar work, so it would be wonderful to hear more about your plans! Thanks again for your message!

Dina Majeed , thanks for sharing this idea! As a breastfeeding mom who needed a lot of guidance initially, I appreciate your efforts!


Natalie commented on RISE SUPER FLOUR

Jessica Aguirre , thanks for sharing this exciting idea! Wow, it seems like possibilities in other industries could be limitless. Best of luck to you and your colleagues!