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Naomie commented on Learning Live

Maryam Hiradfar , Hi Maryam you are definitely talking an important issue. A lot of my college peers have the same issue. This idea is brilliant, it reminds me of the common application but your approach helps kids who have already gotten to college. I would love to see this idea flourish and spread the word around my campus. Good luck!


Naomie commented on The Synapse Project

Willie Chalmers III , I’m wowed by this entry. I have been into stem since middle school. I was in a stem honors program in high school and in Ap science classes. There are 3 young adults majoring in chemistry from a class of thousands at my college, so I believe you are correct and science is dying out. Let me know how I can expand your movement in my city.


Naomie commented on The Magenta Garden

Allee Larsen , Hi Allee, this is a great idea. There is a ted talk on a guy who started this in LA, his name is Rob Finley. The talk is called the guerilla gardener . This can be a mentor for your movement if you like his theories and practice. Good luck!