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Naomie commented on Erudite

You are a powerhouse in the making! I love how you explained your idea, I definitely will be looking forward to seeing your movement expand and would love to see how we can help each other's mission flourish. I am a young business owner myself and I can definitely see your vision being a game changer! good luck.


Naomie commented on Earth Design 65

Environmental health and wellness is so important and a lot of us put it on the back burner. Our environment plays a crucial role in how we feel. I love this idea, good luck!


Naomie commented on Youth for Politics

This entry is very nice, I believe you have the strength to take this idea very far and I'm excited to see the outcome of your mission, a lot of young adults should be more active in politics and your idea seems to be a great way to get them more involved. Good luck!