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Hi Ashley,

Thank you for sharing your work in hospice care and healthy bereavement with the Children’s Wellbeing initiative. After reading your entry, I understand your work as providing hospice care to patients of all ages and providing support to their families throughout the difficult end of life stage and bereavement process. Your emphasis on healthy bereavement and support is especially necessary in our grief-averse society and can undoubtedly have a lasting impact on a child experiencing such a difficult time.

I have just a few comments and questions. 1) Consider explaining what “children’s materials” mean earlier on. I understood the need for greater funding for these materials immediately but without knowing what the “materials” were exactly. 2) What is the impact of the children’s materials? I think this question needs to be more concretely explained. In other words, why is funding for these materials so important? It’s a bit tricky to put this impact in words but it could go a long way in helping the reader understand the importance of funding for the materials. Perhaps cite another expert or study to illustrate how having adequate support positively affects children’s’ wellbeing. Thanks again for sharing!