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Ozzy commented on Magenta Saves lives

Aren't you outside of the age range for this challenge?

Great idea, but aren't you out of the age range for this challenge (13–23 year olds)?

Also, one thing I'd suggest you consider is how many LA renters have extra income to spend on solar panels for their cars? Most homes that have solar panels on them have them cover their entire roof, so how would a solar panel on top of a car provide enough electricity to power their houses?

I like this idea a lot. I often feel like I know a lot about regular "school" subjects but not about what I'll have to do as a citizen of the real world.

Have you considered creating a curriculum that would make it easy for any school or teacher to teach students about what they need to know to survive in the real world? I think that would help students a lot, and really give your project a unique angle on the problem you've identified. I do like the idea of a website that explains the information as well, though!