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Peggy commented on Student Connect +

Hey Anica, love the idea! My parents are chinese immigrants--having this app would be super helpful. One thing to consider is to try prototyping this app without having it developed first. Try using Adobe XD to create a prototype this app. Another idea to consider is that does this need to be an app? Love your passion. :)


Peggy commented on Stria

Hey Max, this idea is amazing. I also think it's SO crazy that you've already had about 135 interviews. That's real dedication. I trust you all will see this to the end. I'm looking forward to seeing where Stria goes! One recommendation--is there anyway to prototype this product without having to build this first? Does it have to be something they wear? Can it be on a phone rather than a thing you need to build? What resources do you have currently that can help you build an affordable prototype? Could you partner with Google Maps? These are just ideas.


Peggy commented on Stories Untold US

Hey Carlos, I love this. It's so important. Proud of what you've accomplished so far, and I'm amazed at where you're taking this. I would love to see measurements of how this brings healing to many of the participants that are sharing their stories. :)