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I have worked in international development and environment for 20 years. There are two things I highly rate about this project: No. 1) It is a genuine sustainable development project blending poverty reduction, local enterprise and catchment management. MML contributes to many of the SDGs - 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 8. This is exactly the direction of travel needed if we are to properly address both poverty and environmental challenges and create long-term change.  No. 2) It is a commercial enterprise, with the intent of improving the well-being of local people at the front and centre of the project. It is not an after-though 'tick-box exercise' to qualify for development funding! We need to see more projects like this on the development stage. I also note that Creating Shared Value is about good nutrition, access to clean water, and enhanced rural development. MML is an excellent fit, delivering this without need to bend the strategy in an attempt to fit the Prize criteria.