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Randi commented on Healthy Foundations for Future Families

Hi Karla, Thank you for your comments and suggestions.  I agree that we need to share more information about how the curriculum is affecting attitudes, knowledge and behavior - now and in the future.  We hope to be selected for the Refinement stage so we can include more information.  The Results section of the online submission form allowed for fewer characters than we had anticipated; in hindsight, I would have included that information in the section for describing our program which did not have the same space constraints.  Having instructed 6,000 teens over the past 11 years, we look forward to sharing more details about the post-evaluation data we have captured so far, and some of the anecdotes we've heard afterwards from students - including one teen who stopped her sister-in-law from shaking a baby.  What we really would like to do is a rigorous longitudinal study to address exactly the issue you raise about long-term impact.  We have  a logic model, and we have identified measures to assess the outcomes for childrens' wellbeing.  It would be marvelous to get the assistance and funding to implement this evaluation.  Thank you again for your time in reviewing our program!


Randi commented on Healthy Foundations for Future Families

Hi Doug, Thank you for your comments and suggestions.   As you noted, the key for our program has been "letting the teens decide" their goals, which fits well with this stage of adolescent development, and aligns with Motivational Interviewing intervention methods.   We have been teaching our program for 11 years, and teens have told us myriad ways they are already using the information - working harder in school, making better relationship choices, and bringing the information home to their families to better care for small children in their homes.   With help from UNC Injury Prevention Research Center, we have developed a logic model, and we have identified measures of desired interim and long-term outcomes.   It would be great to move from anecdotal evidence to rigorous evaluation!  Thank you so much for your encouragement!!

Hi Michael,
I'm so glad you submitted this challenge because I was unaware that there was a problem with ambulance transport of children.  Although your intervention does not appear to have potential for broad social change, which I believe is the goal of this particular challenge, I'm so grateful you have identified this issue and proposed a solution.  As you reach out to others for support, I think you will be able to strengthen your case by including some statistics (no. of children transported in a year) and some storytelling about how this problem has affected a child and/or helped a child.  I encourage you to continue increasing awareness of this need and your solution.  Keep up the good work!