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Sage commented on The #GiveHealthy Movement

Hi Patrick. I was really glad to read about the Give Healthy movement and Amp Your Good. I have seen this recurring pattern of the wrong foods being donated in food drives and I am so encouraged to hear about an organisation addressing this issue. You are creating great shared value, and tackling something that will ultimately lead to less health issues for those who do not have enough to eat. Really excited about this! Best of luck.

Hi Julie. Thank you so much for sharing this project, and Pierrette's story. It is beautiful how she has used her skills and has been able to involve so many women- all building bright futures for themselves. I see so much potential in this project because of its sustainability, and this could definitely grow to other geographical areas. Best of luck!


Sage commented on Paper for pennies, Water for billions

Hi Jonathan. Thanks so much for sharing your idea. I am so glad that you are focusing on a cheap alternative to bottled water and expensive filters that will be able to benefit many more people. It is definitely worth emphasizing the amazing amount of water bottles that these filters will replace- at great benefit to the environment. Is your main goal to target countries and communities that will be able to afford these water filters over other more expensive ones? You mentioned getting these to people in the BOP, but how are you choosing what areas of the world to expand to? So interesting! Best of luck.