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Samolia Giudice commented on The Magenta Garden

I would love a Magenta Garden. I love fresh produce and it's a great way to have people take a break from technology and encourage individuals to spend time outside. As a community, the more time an individual contributes to the garden maybe the more produce they are able to take home to share with their families.


Samolia Giudice commented on Propel our people!

This would be a great program to have within our communities. Education is what makes us successful and we want everyone to be confident where their placement is. If we can get more motivation, then hopefully we can see individuals be more encouraged to further their education. Thanks for sharing!


Samolia Giudice commented on Signal 365

With the major impacts from the hurricanes that occurred last year, I think its inspiring to want to help those individuals. I couldn't imagine having someone close to me that was injured and had no access to cell service for emergencies.