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Stephanie commented on Farming Communities - Herenboeren NL

Geert van der Veer wonderful project! Really unique and innovative approach to sustainable food systems and communities, will definitely use it as a reference for inspiration and local models here at home.
If you move forward to the next stage of the challenge, please share some of the data on soil improvement, biodiversity increase and landscape restoration that you mention that 30-50 students collect every year, this will make your pitch much stronger for this particular challenge.
Wish you all the best with your future work.

Congratulations for your great work, Deb! Connectivity Conservation is indeed crucial for biodiversity preservation, your approach is really tackling it from a systems-change approach, which is quite impressive. I had to look at the project website though to get a better understanding on what you actually are doing and am unsure about which portion of your work you focusing on with your application: are you focusing on the "Leading an International Connectivity Conservation Network" or the "Connectivity Conservation Planning Study"? Or both? In either case you really need to add more concrete data on the question about impact. A more concrete and descriptive answer to the question about "what is your solution" would also be helpful. If you move to the refinement phase and have any specific questions about this feedback or other sections of the form, please write to the challenge team via email.
Warm regards and wish you all the best with the continuation of the project!


Stephanie commented on Radicle Wellness Growing Home-Health-Gardens

Radicle Wellness Growing Home-Health-Gardens  is a wonderful initiative for urban areas, Jen! Congratulations for the great work and collaboration with other organizations. As a social innovation project, it would be interesting to start a plan on how to expand the team (financially and people's profile/skills wise). Also, by reading your project I remembered of an awesome example for home sustainable biodiverse gardens and other sustainability projects in a Co-op hour-bank model to convene volunteers, which is done by the Watershed Management Group in Tucson, you can see a summary here and also get in touch with them if you'd like: . Here is how they organize the different types of services as well:
wish you all the best continuing your great work!