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Shannon commented on Improving the lives of our youth.

Great questions. The 2.5 million youth is the total number of youth in our area. We plan to reach these kids by working with youth serving organizations such as YMCA’s and Boys and Girls clubs. We are in the process of planning an additional lodge that will house our growing population, which we hope to grow to 7000 kids by 2021. We rely on fundraising, grants and program fees to sustain our program.

In regards to mentoring, at a typical program, kids would receive rotating mentors, at The Center they stay with the same mentor throughout the season. Our mentors use a “active learning environment” and SkillsQuest as tools to enable them to master skills based on continuous progression with their enjoyment at the core. Each participant will progress through a session based on their skill level. Every session day will involve instruction and fun based learning. These progressive skills are based on the proven U. S. Ski and Snowboard Association’s (USSA) SkillQuest program. Annual projects from the USSA Sport Education Department will keep the mentors updated on the latest advances in teaching and skills. I hope that answers your questions!