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Sharla commented on mumm

Waleed & the Mumm team,  This is a great initiative.  I like that you've taking an existing idea (dabbawalas) and innovated around it to ensure the empowerment of women.  I wishi I was in Cairo so that I could try some of this delicious home cooking.  Employing over 100 women is quite an acheivement, how do you plan to scale this so that you can employ 1000?    You provide a lot of personal, hands on, assistance with hygiene visits, recipe/taste advice and marketing.  As you grow, how will you maintain this personal touch? 

Great job Anjali and the team at Swayam Shikshan Prayog. I'm especially impressed that your approach doesn't just focus on giving women access to farming, but really builds climate resilience and family nutritional security at the same time.  You mention that the women start with 0-4 acres, starting with 1/4-1/2. Do they often gain control of larger plots of land as they prove their model on the smaller areas?

Great job Ben and the ATEC team.  You've found a solution to a problem that impacts millions of women and families around the world.  I'm especially impressed that you've been able to develop a solution which is affordable to BOP consumers and that you have microfinancing solutions to help them make the purchase.   You mentioned that this has been designed to work well in high groundwater areas, does it work just as well in arid climates?