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Sarah commented on Girl STEMpowerment

Hi Nikita and team! Great work. I’m especially impressed by the partnerships you have formed with Intel and others. It’s a privilege to learn about the work that your team, and other young changemakers, are doing to address the gender gap in tech and STEM. If you haven’t already, I’d highly suggest reaching out to some of this year’s other Changemaker challenge applicants to build this movement together through collaboration! The teams at Girl Innovation, Allgirlithm, and Cyber Empower Coding Camp are just a few that come to mind. Best of luck!


Sarah commented on Girl Innovation

Hi Gia! Thanks for sharing about your project — this is incredible! I especially like how you’re focusing on encouraging girls in tech to innovate solutions to real-world problems. As you seek to expand your “ripple effect” and spark change in communities across the Caribbean, I’d suggest connecting with other young changemakers who are doing similar work across the U.S. like Ashley of She STEMs, Jacqueline of STEM Queen, and Shivali of Girl Genius Magazine. I look forward to following your changemaking journey!


Sarah commented on Girl Genius Magazine

Hi Shivali and team! I am blown away by your beautiful magazine and website! As a writer/editor myself, I appreciate the way you are harnessing the power of words & images to create an inspiring product AND embracing the power of collaboration and connectivity through the creative process. How is the project currently sustained financially? It’s might be worth investing to connect a custom domain name, and focusing on digital rather than print. To expand your reader base and team of contributors, I’d suggest connecting with the many other Changemaker Challenge entries related to girls in STEAM. Best of luck!