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Sarah commented on Project Exchange's Digital Exchange Program

That's amazing, Ashley Lin ! Sojo is the best. Thanks for sharing the student's piece—so powerful.


Sarah commented on Water Quality: Solving Stormwater Runoff a Natural Way

Hey Adeline! This idea is so impressive! It sounds like you’ve really invested in the quality of your research, and I look forward to seeing how you partner with others and move into the development stage. For project plan & strategy resources I’d suggest checking out TechStar’s toolkit: Best of luck!


Sarah commented on The Urban Garden Initiative

Hey Megan and team! Great work here —I’m especially impressed by the network you’re building with Urban Garden Initiative in Delaware and around the world, and how you’re already partnering with youth-led orgs. I’d suggest connecting with some of the other Challenge entries working on this issue! Frutas Frescas Orchard, Ian’s Giving Garden, and Gardenia are a few that come to mind. Best of luck!