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Minh Thi Thai : Hi Minh Thi Thai, thank you for the question. As per ARCOS Network' Motto of "Collaborative Action for Nature and People", this initiative involves partnerships with not only the community groups but also the local government and other actors. For the government, this initiative involves all administrative units from central government to local government (in Rwanda, local administrative units include District, Sector, Cell and Village). Our Nature-Based Villages are established at the lowest administrative unit of Village. We sign “Sustainability Agreements”, which is a negociated performance and benefits-based contract involving us (ARCOS Network), Partner Community Group and the local government. It is important to engage the local government as they play a big role in mobilizing community and in monitoring the impacts against the District’s “Performance contract”. Brief, the local government is engaged at the very beginning. When we started this initiative, the sustainability part were not understood by many from the local government; it was like, we have a list of community development related activities, why can’t you just sponsor one or two of them? But everyone has now realized that the process is important. Both the communities and the government share now fully the objectives of the initiative. It took us some effort to explain and now it is bearing the fruits, we receive District’s awards for our contribution to community development. The local government is supportive to the initiative and some Districts are keen to work with us to integrate the approach in the model villages being established in the framework of Integrated Development Programme (IDP). In terms of advocacy, we have a newsletter in local language (Kinyarwanda) and English called Endokwa News. This newsletter is distributed to all NatureBased Community Enterprises working with us at regional level (Rwanda, Uganda, Burundi), governments, other practitioners and media. Every year, we organize an exchange visit for community representatives and Open Day involves all stakeholders, including governments, development partners, civil society and media. The next one is scheduled this end of November involving 30 NBCEs working with ARCOS Network.