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Sophia commented on The Urban Garden Initiative

The way you've engaged other young changemakers to spread your reach and encourage youth leadership is truly inspiring! Gardening is a great tool to use to engage youth in environmental issues and increase food in under resourced communities. Focusing on expanding your reach and continuously improving by gathering feedback is a great step forward!

This environmental club seems full of great ideas. I think implementing composting at your high school is a challenging and important project to take on. Are you planning on running the compost system yourselves or relying on community waste initiatives or another club to manage it? Researching different composting methods and determining which one makes the most sense for your school is a great next step. Once you guys are able to implement this change, you can take your impact to the next level my sharing the work you've done with other local high schools and encouraging them to follow your model. I can't wait to see how you guys solve your schools waste management problems and contribute to a more sustainable planet.

You seem very committed to this project and I loved hearing about how its grown since the start. Improving literacy while supporting recycling and teaching kids about environmental initiatives is such important work! It's great that you're also increasing kids interest in STEM by introducing the concepts to them through pleasure-reading. Engaging other organizations and changemakers in your community is a great way to continue to grow your project!