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I think this is such a novel idea, and I stand for it completely. I definitely see your model being able to be scaled to other campuses as well. Would love to connect further with you all!


Sohil commented on The Validation Project

Hey Valerie,
I love your project! I've known of you from JAF & Three Dot Dash, but this is the first time I'm reading about you more in-depth about the work you are doing. Inspiring would be an understatement. Keep at it!


Sohil commented on Peerlift

Sravya, I love the idea! I used to work extensively in higher ed accessibility and democratization to such resources like you are providing. I'd love to connect w/ you to see how I could perhaps help you further in your mission. You all are already doing an amazing job & I can't wait to see where you take this in the future!!