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Anna commented on SummerApp

I love this idea! It's been a constant conversation among my friends how difficult it is to find and apply for internships. I can't wait for this idea to expand all over the United States and the world!


Anna commented on Teens Go Further

It's inspiring to see such young people getting involved in their communities. In my high school we had a program called Communities Sharing Love, that offered us multiple organizations we could join and volunteer at. Maybe you can partner with local schools to offer programs their students can volunteer at. Best of luck!


Anna commented on Zero Plastic

Your motivation to reduce the amount of trash that is polluting our planet is inspiring. Have you thought of using recycled materials to make products? Or hosting events that have to do with trash collecting? When I was younger I went to a sort of park where you could build wood structures, but for you to get nails and a hammer, you needed to pick up at least 5 pieces of trash. Another idea would be to host a beach cleanup. The possibilities are endless! Keep up the good work!