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Thank you for acknowledging our work!

Mohammed Faisal Thanks for the feedback. The impact (good and bad) from global microfinance is, in fact, the basis for our experience design. Our first employee was a client of Compartamos, Mexico's largest MFIs. We agree that financial education can be an important component but like credit, it is not a silver bullet. The timing for introducing credit and financial literacy is an extremely important part of creating a relationship based on trust. By leading with access to a small loan, we are able to start from a place of shared fate. At JUST, we believe entrepreneurs that are opting into our program are uniquely equipped to solve their own problems when given access to the right resources. We also believe people need other resources and more information. For example, we have developed a group financial coaching program that we deliver through a mix of digital and in-person curriculum. You can see more here -

Aastha thank you for your feedback. For ten years, I conducted due diligence and oversaw funding for 100s of microfinance programs around the world. The lessons, both good and bad, of global microfinance are the basis for the JUST model. In the United States, our financial system has been designed to exclude people through credit scores, collateral, as well as other barriers. Global microfinance shows a way to leverage social capital. Generally speaking, it became fixated on the transaction of credit, not the transformation of people. JUST has designed a model to address these limitations while acknowledging the powerful elements of trust-based lending. Our higher purpose, helping people to live with less stress and more joy, has been our north star and helped us evolve our work beyond the transaction of credit. We will be happy to share the lessons, good and bad, of our work with the global microfinance community. Yet, we believe the most appropriate approach comes from the communities that are faced with the challenges that need to be solved.