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Steven commented on The Intrapod by Trustle

Rhythm and the gang,
What an inspiring, creative, caring and impactful idea. It is obvious that you all are changemakers. While I've never thought about this issue, I've known many people on the Autism spectrum. The data you used makes a clear case for why your idea is so important. I can totally see how someone with communication issues might find themselves in a tough situation by no fault of their own. Keep up the good work. I look forward to hearing more.


Steven commented on Cosmetology School for kids and teens

I was really drawn to this idea. It just kind of grabbed my attention. I hope that you go for this! Looks like you're a great role model and have a sincere passion to help young people follow your lead.

Are you serious? That is so exciting! This makes me want to be a part of what yall are doing. I would love to follow this story as you go across the country. Go FAU High!