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Your strategic focus on sustainability that is ACTIONABLE and PRACTICAL is very attractive. You might consider two mechanisms we have found in our own work. Maybe these are useful ideas:
1. Focus on how an action or policy affects nutrient cycles between ecosystems and people, because nutrient cycles provide a practical focus, are easy to understand, and correlate with many other sustainability factors and action opportunities (water, carbon, biodiversity, soil, ecosystem resilience, nutrition, food security, and more.) Thus nutrient cycles are not the goal, but are a practical and holistic mechanism to focus on to achieve all those other goals.
2. Create and then periodically monitor biodiversity and pesticide baseline data in a region (for a company or a municipality) using the innovative "Beeomonitoring" from the organization Beeodiversity in Belgium. This gives you clear, scientific data to identify risks and track impact of response actions.

Thank you Sylvia, this information is helpful.


David commented on mumm

Wonderful! I wish we had Mumm in the USA! Just offering an idea which comes as examples from one of our Nourish^N collaborators, Sylva Food Solutions in Zambia, might there be opportunity to link your ingredients supply chain to a group of specific women (or other) farmers who grow the ingredients? Or some modification of the idea...that way you are double-impacting people with nourishment and women with income at both the demand side and the supply side of nutritious food markets.