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Ratna commented on Empty stomach cannot study

Thank you Karineantoniades Antoniades for going through our post and for your interest to actually know about the changes.
YES ... I am so happy to share that wonderful and positive changes happen though they are not overnight or in short period but yes they happen gradually.

The best part is that this project brings about the awareness ... Awareness about education ... Girl child education ... The why of educaction.

"Paint for for a cause" brings the entire village to get her directly or indirectly. It's like a festival where the topics which actually deal with all the problems faced by these tribal villagers who are clueless that these problems can be solved.
So we take up the topics and encourage kids to paint and express themselves through the various colors.
These paintings are then pinned up as exhibition for the villagers and we invite supporters and motivators of our NGO to the village.
These help us :
1. Awareness in the village community
2. Raise funds in front of the villagers
3. Funds are used for the most needy family
4. Supporters are requested to donate in kind when they visit
5. It works GREAT and in tranceparancy
7. We select small size villages with population less than 2000 so as to give best and we are committed.
8. This project could be globally applied as we have seen 100% results.
For further improvement we have to rIse the standard of living of all the groups village or even the slum areas that could be chosen.

"According to me we have to first take up the kids in the chosen area there counselling studying health and hygiene safe clean water and the basic nourishment should be the forte"

"Then comes there family and awareness in the families.... The family by now knows us as we are helping their kids so there response to our awareness program for sure is not negative ... We can start improving the family and surrounding forte.

" Best part of my program is the supporters and the volunteers of these projects are from effluent class so we are also making them aware of the responsibility to give back to society, "

Hence I humbly recommend our project - As it helps HUMANITY ON THE WHOLE.
It can be applicable Globally.
BMI Trust ( Ballerina Management Institute)stands for all those who can't be heard ,
seen or felt.
BMIT stands for
Bright Minds Initiate Together
Thank you
mrs. Ratna joshi