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Maud -
Thank you for your thoughtful response and questions.  Our program was developed, evaluated and modified in partnership with Wayne State University and the Children's Hospital of Michigan. Originally, we were working to address childhood obesity, but have since realized the profound need to address toxic stresses that our children are disproportionately facing in Detroit.  The 10-week model is an evolution from an after school program.  And I believe that whole school integration is a plausible next step.  I'd love to find a school/funder pair to pilot the work.  Our organization has been built on a really strong foundation of success and we are always interested in considering more ways to help children build their success backpacks :)
Thank you!

Thank you for the note and the review.  Yes, we have specific means of collecting, tracking and reporting data.  Wayne State University is a research partner of ours and they developed and support our evaluation.  In the upcoming school year, we are partnering with the Michigan Fitness Foundation to provide additional data collection and reporting.   I'd love to find a way to tie our programming to other outcomes (attendance, improved grades, etc.), but many of these outcomes are difficult to attribute to one intervention.  

Gorgeous visually.  Gorgeous mission. Thank you for advocating for our babies :)