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We aim at production of highly fortified foods to tackle the challenge of malnutrition and contribute to food health and wellbeing of many.

We aim at production of highly fortified foods to tackle the challenge of malnutrition and contribute to food health and wellbeing of many.

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Victor commented on Fortified Foods Initiative

Oh Joseph Brenyah ,your comments are so much welcome and appreciated. It's evident that you know much about the food fortification industry. Yes, we are actually doing Multi-micronutrient fortification and we are basically leveraging on natural solutions via biofortified crops as well as enrichment with such crops as morninga and Soya. And our business model has been designed to provide adequate financial sustainability.
However, please as you've spoken in such manner, i'll appreciate if you can help with any link to a standard packaging material producer which could be well affordable within or outside Nigeria, as that's one of the areas we are in need.

Thanks a lot.


Victor commented on EDUleer

Giuliana Bertoia , I commend you for your great initiative. Lack of Education and Inadequate access to reading will make paupers about of men and women with great capacities and potentials. And from my experience, the greatest investment, is investment in human beings, it replicates and multiplies.

I however have some recommendations for your project especially for its financial sustainability:

1. Get this project onto an online platform, work on social media campaign for this project where people can donate in finance or in kind...

2. You'll need to work out a Structure that ensures there are People or volunteers locally, in the areas where the libraries are stated, who can actually teach people to read especially if they have Never learnt to read

3. Seek the involvement of the communities leadership in Your projects both for partner funding and for maintainace because setting up the libraries are not really the problem, sustaining them will be the major challenges and maintainance will only be precious to communities if they have stakes in the project...

However, despite all written, I believe this project will make a major turn around in Chile if helped to grow.

Fortified Foods Initiative 

Yinka  Is well known to me through the social Media and witnesses. I got to know her and her organization by the results they have and I must say here that, though the level of impact made it their current level might not be stated here, it's very great, cos, they are training on the farm practically with hands on experience and they are not just farming, they are farming organically and each of the successful trainees will go on to multiply these impact.

Two things Nigeria need now, is more involvement of the youth in Agriculture with the aim of lessening poverty and attaining food security, and also, a deep focus on nutrition and health as the average life expectancy of Nigerians are dropping by the day
With so much increase in sickness such as cancer etc. in Nigeria, which has been attributed to synthetic chemical content consumption in foods and generally poor food quality.

This is what enterprise youth coop are doing through vegetables and fruit production as led by Yinka and my organisation is doing through Fortified Foods Initiative .
I'm also aware of their current effort to attain global GAP certifications standards to aid export of these products for the benefit of other countries

While I know that the project is financially sustainable One thing I'll suggest is that they get into more partnerships and possibly increase the other components of the integrated farm model such as Animal husbandry for more funds and for scaling Up purposes.

Fortified Foods Initiative