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Jacob commented on The Plant Protein Institute

Your passion and enthusiasm radiate from this project's post. A lot of people have little to no knowledge of how detrimental and inefficient mass meat production truly is, so it is really cool seeing this tackled by other fellow young change makers. I would love to hear more about your methods for attracting an audience to hear your message, both your past successes and future plans!


Jacob commented on Stop selling drugs!

Drug abuse and addiction is definitely a major problem and continues to grow worse by the day. I would suggest brainstorming creative ways that you can reach and educate your peers about all the dangers and consequences of drug abuse. Consider putting together presentations for local clubs or classes to provide educational awareness as well as recruit possible team members for your project. There are plenty of older speakers on the issue, but as part of the youth, your classmates may be more receptive to your viewpoint and advice. Also, feel free to reach out to me or view my project page: "Victory Over Addiction" for more ideas.


Jacob commented on AdvanceMe

As someone who has had the privilege of growing up in a house with two parents, I am greatly appreciative of you sharing your perspective and story. I felt incredibly moved by your passion and am glad to see people like yourself spearheading an issue that seems largely ignored. I understand that this project is still in the idea phase, but would love to hear more about the logistics and specifics of the activities and presentations at the meetings to empower the disadvantaged youth. I hope to talk with you more about your project in the future and commend your efforts thus far!