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Vid Micevic commented on Testicular Cancer Awareness: Learn Self Exams Early in Life!

Hi Celia,

I absolutely agree with your cause and idea! While I was lucky enough to have my check up with my physician every year, I always wondered why I haven't known this sooner and why wouldn't I be able to check for myself.

I definitely believe that education at an early age on check-ups would help decrease the risk to testicular cancer. As you continue your work and sharing your idea, I wanted to ask a few clarifying questions that could help with further understanding of the solution.

1. While discussing your example, you mention " Empower the parent(s) to talk to their son's about checking themselves regularly and not feeling awkward to discuss any changes they may notice." I think this talk is very crucial, but it must be very effective. How would this talk be shaped? How would you start it? Do you have some specific example lines? Is there some guidelines for parents to follow?

2. I thought every primary care physician had to do a testicular check up...if is not done everywhere how could you work with local physicians to include that in their check up? Are there any guidelines to do this?

3. Are you the only one doing this? I understand that ACS and TCS have some programs in place, but what do they specifically look like? Could you partner with these already established programs to increase the sustainability and impact on the idea?

Thank you for sharing your idea!! Your insights and story have been super helpful. I only wish the idea to start creating impact and scaling so try to partner with others and make sure that everyone knows how to do a check-up.

All the best,


Vid Micevic commented on Deaf & hard of hearing Tennis Program

Hi Roy,

As a tennis player myself, I absolutely love this idea. I never thought tennis would be such a great sport to support the deaf and hard of hearing program, but the more I read your proposal the more I love the idea. I really like how the unique the the value proposition is. 

As you continue to share your work, I just have a few questions about the DhhEAF program:
1. Have you thought of other ways to gain funding for the children to have access to drills such as getting famous tennis players to sponsor children or working with tennis clubs to get discounts deals on court time or even tennis gear. Would there be ways to partner with other large tennis organizations? What about summer camps wear college speech and hearing science students partner with DhhEAF students for a week to learn from each other.
2. It seems like the impact this program has made on the students can easily be seen from the surveys you have accomplished. Would you mind sharing some numbers to understand how the students have improved? Are there other ways to show impact beyond surveys?
3. On your impact section of the proposal, you simply mention that DhhEAF is a great idea. Undoubtedly it is, but can you show me why? How many students have went through the program? What were the results? Have there been recurring students? Have any been more interested in playing tennis? How do you engage with the students when the program is over?
4. I am also very curious of how a typical day during the program looks like. What sort of lessons are taught? How are the students engaging with each other? How do you gage the progress within the program?

Thank you show much for sharing your initiative! I cannot wait to hear about the impact you will make by combining the realms of deaf/hard of hearing and tennis! Keep up the great work.