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We are Phyto, a carbon-footprint tracker focused on the corporate setting, yet designed for the individual.

We are Phyto, a carbon-footprint tracker focused on the corporate setting, yet designed for the individual.

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Will Leonard commented on Unpopular Opinions Matter

Hey! This is a really neat idea at saving wildlife, by reducing hazardous litter. Furthermore, it can spark discussions and enable individuals to get a better understanding of their community. Once thrown into a respective position, what are your plans for disposing the cigarette butts? Will you simply send them off to landfills and incinerators? Your effective method of collection opens up a major opportunity to expand, and really place an emphasis on sustainability: developing a solution to recycle an (unfortunately) abundant toxic waste, since current recycling options are extremely limited. Anyways, wishing you all the best of luck, but I’m sure you’re not gonna need it.


Will Leonard commented on BeeAware

Hey Navya and Aarushi, thanks for proposing this solution to protect honeybees! I wasn't aware of how much of an impact the honeybee population had on agriculture. I really like your app, it's very pleasant to look at, and appears to have a very user-friendly interface. I also find it amazing that you've already reached out to National Geographic and are planning on reaching out to the USDA! I'm curious about exactly what kinds of advice the app offers. I noticed that there were many suggestions, like driving less, not using certain pesticides, planting bee friendly plants, etc. To what extent do you plan on offering solutions, and do you plan on having more personalized solutions? I would not bee surprised if this came to fruition, and I encourage you to keep up the good work!


Will Leonard commented on CyanoCells

Hey Pramika and Lucy, thanks for proposing this potential solution CO2 emissions! I can see that you're very passionate about this, and I love the idea of using processes found in nature to solve this. I think it's a really smart way to both dispose of CO2 emissions and also produce fuel. I'm curious as to the specifics about how much cellulose/ethanol you can actually produce with this method, though. Do you know how would it compare to normal gasoline, or how much extra use you could gain from reusing the emissions as fuel? Anyhow, keep up the work, your idea is really clever and inventive!